•Preparing Technical & Commercial Automation (Control System & Instrumentation Proposal), Bid participate, Evaluation of Bids, Bid Verification


•Detailed Specification of a proposed Solution, Detail Design Preparation, Procurement Engineering, Instrumentation Data Sheet Preparation, I/O list check of Control System, Wiring Diagram Drawing Preparation, Loop Diagram Document Preparation,Control System configuration, Programming of Control System, Monitoring


•Manufacturing of Panels a per Design Documents , Wiring of Terminations and Isolators and I/O cards, Preparation of systems and mounting of equipment, Power Distribution

Inspection & Test (FAT):

Power Check, I/O check, Power on the system, Monitoring check, Function check, Redundancy Check, Communication check

Packing and Shipment:

Packing the Control System Panel & Instrumentation in Wooden & Nylon Cover and Ship to Client Plants


•Installation services for Control Systems, Field Wiring, Termination

SAT & Commissioning:

•Loop check, Calibration, Function check


•Operator & Engineer & Maintenance training on site and training center